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In such a potentially dangerous trade, Highscore scaffolding takes the matter of Health and Safety very seriously. Your team, our team and the general public all put their lives in the hands of scaffolds every day when working on them or walking by them, a poorly constructed scaffold could lead to a disastrous outcome so its importance can not be overlooked.

The help us achieve such high measures we monitor all aspects of the safety within the working environment as well as regular training courses for Managers and supervisors . Our team also carry out a full site survey before starting planning or erection to find workarounds for any potential problems.

We always ensure erection, alteration and dismantling of complex designed scaffolding (e.g. suspended scaffolds, shoring, temporary roofs etc) is to be done under the direct supervision of a competent person. This may be a qualified Advanced scaffolder, a design engineer providing they possess the necessary industry experience or alternatively an individual who has received training under a recognised manufacturer/supplier scheme to the limit of the configuration(s) involved.

Our Trainee scaffolders always work under the direct supervision of a qualified scaffolder (i.e. a working foreman). Scaffolders are classed as 'trainees' until they have completed the approved training and assessment required to be deemed qualified.

As a minimum requirement, we ensure every scaffold gang contains an appropriately qualified scaffolder for the type and complexity of the scaffold to be erected, altered or dismantled. This may be an individual who has received training under an industry recognised training scheme and has been awarded the scaffolder card or someone who has received training under a recognised manufacturer/supplier scheme.

Highscore is very proud, but not complacent, of its very good Accident statistics which reflect the seriousness with which we treat Health and Safety making us one of the safest in the industry.

We acknowledge the requirements of the Construction Industry Regulations and understand the legal obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and related health and safety legislation TG20:08


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